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RTMC offers a variety of swims for our members.

Times and places listed below.

Open water swims (summer)

2023 Summertime Open Water swims

Please bring a brightly colored swim cap and swim buoys are HIGHLY encouraged. You can easily get one of these on Amazon if you don't have one already. A RTMC board member will be present at each swim, so if you are new or uncertain about open water swimming, we will have at least one experienced person there to help you get more comfortable!

Hope to see you all soon!   ‍♀️

Please read through the information below related to the swims at the Cove for this year:

  • This is an open, public area, so this year the swims will not be formalized events
  • Swim at your own risk
  • No guaranteed water support
  • Please wear a brightly colored swim cap and use a swim buoy. It is very difficult to see a person swimming in an open area without these visual helpers
  • We will have weekly posts on the Facebook members page where people can comment if they plan on swimming that evening
  • Keep an eye out for bad weather. Because this isn't a formal event, we won't be posting about weather cancellations, so use your best judgement!

Pool Swims (Winter)

We are lucky enough during the winter to have a pool available for us to have 2 structured workouts/month on Sunday. We have a two hour block on Sunday afternoons for members to come and lap swim. Don't know what to do for your workout? Don't worry we will have a selection of workouts you can complete.



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